Bearded guys were turning heads long before The New York Times declared facial hair fashionable. There's simply something about a well-groomed person that makes you stop and look. You'll likewise see when there's a hair askew, or the way the not-so-sexy scruff feels against your face.Luckily, there's a item to help with that and it's called … Read More

Practically every guy that grows a beard after about one month will begin to notice that it gets a bit itchy. While some beards men prefer to just "push through" this phase, this discomfort is completely unnecessary with the added use of beard oil.To understand why your beard is getting itchy, it is necessary to take a look at what is going on… Read More

But it can be a little overwhelming deciding which brush or comb is best for your beard. So today we're going to break it all down for you, beginning with our brushes. Below, get complete specs for all 6 of our beard brushes, along with the beard types and lengths that can gain from each one.Military-Style 100% First Cut Boar Bristle Oval Brus… Read More

Beard oil is amongst the important products that any beadsman can own. Offered its unbelievable mix of service provider and essential oils, beard oil can make your beard go from looking just "meh" to incredibly fantastic.From beardruff to beard itch, and the basic texture of how your beard feels, the advantages are all over. We will part… Read More